Product Model:HS-43
Product Name:HS-901B(2) long-distance wireless alarm system_预测世界杯排名
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  • HS-901B(2) long-distance wireless alarm system_预测世界杯排名
    1. 50/250 wireless zones,and the detectors learn code with the controller automatically
    2. Wireless zones divide into 8 subareas,and every detector is optional to set up in every subarea
    3. Every subarea can be singly set up the times of turn on and off
    4. Two wired connection ports of urgent button
    5. NC/NO contact linkage output(contact capacity DC30V0.5A), external alarm siren output
    6. Four levels of adjustable volume
    7. 100 alarm affairs is for record and search
    8. Wireless receiving distance is 10 Km (on the clear ground)
    9. It can fit with overhead antenna to increase the transmit distance
    10. Time limit of the product using period: it is optional to set up from 1 to 180 days.And this function is activated by artificial
    11. Register function: enter the correct password,and release the time limitation
    Fit with the telephone module:
    1.       Long-range data,alarm with speech
    2.       Every subarea has 2 groups of normal alarm telephone,4 groups of administrator alarm telephone,and 1 group of central alarm telephone
    3.       Every subarea is optional to set up the normal alarm telephone,administrator alarm telephone,and central alarm telephone
    4.       All kinds of alarm informations adopts the indication of Chinese speech,and it is clear for telephone alarm
    5.       It can link 10,000 households for alarm center
    Fit with RS232 communication data output:
    Match with “Haishen” central software,and electronic map displays the alarm information